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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Weekend Adventures

We had a three or four day weekend...depending on which member of the family you talk to...

Was a much needed teacher workday.
That meant getting up almost two hours later for me, since those days are a little less scheduled at my school.
That meant getting up whenever she wanted to for G, since she didn't have school.
But she was still up at little early bird still!
That meant Brian had to get up and go to work at his usual time.
But didn't have to battle us for the kitchen or the bathroom mirror, so that's a win for him...Right?

Friday night...
We took a meander down Speed Street.
Talk about a disappointment!
Except that we were able to do last minute registration for the Speed Street 5K that was taking place on Saturday morning!

Brian and I left early for the above mentioned Speed Street 5K.  It was a warm, humid morning.

Running in the shadows of the tall building uptown was nice.
Running in the direct sunlight after leaving uptown...not so much.

Running out of uptown is downhill, and who doesn't love a good long stretch of downhill?!?
Running back uptown is UP hill...and who doesn't hate a good long stretch of uphill?!?

We finished in front of the NASCAR Hall of Fame...and that's the closest I have ever been to it.  

Another mascot picture...this time with Homer, from the Charlotte Knights.  (I'm still wondering why Lug Nut wasn't there!  He is, after all, the Speedway mascot!)

Saturday afternoon...

Brian and I bought bikes!




Remember, G bought her own bike with her birthday money.  Now we can enjoy family bike rides.  And...the bikes will be a part of our marathon training that officially started on Monday.  (More on that later)

The maiden voyage ride!
Momma and G!

Isn't he cute?  

My favorite part of that ride was that Gloria rode ahead of me to follow and keep up with Brian.  She is gaining more confidence on her bike and attacked a few small hills with gusto.  I just rode along behind, enjoying watching the two of them ride.  I am looking forward to more opportunities to do this.

Memorial Day, so no school or work, so...Adventure day!

We decided to go explore the Anne Springs Close Greenway in Fort Mill.
It turned into a beautiful day and we all enjoyed hiking a few of the trails and exploring the area.  We had hoped to see what the bike trails were like, but ended up in a different area of the greenway that was farther away from the bike trails than we realized.  But that just means another trip down there sometime soon!

Just a few pictures from along the trails...

We all enjoyed the weekend and all the time we got to spend together.  It isn't often that we have that amount of time together and we are not rushing around to get things done.  So thankful for that time!

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