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Monday, June 6, 2016

Weekend Recap

This past weekend was quite activity-filled!

Which makes me eternally grateful that today is a rest day.
Except that I teach kindergarten.
And there were many errands to run after school today.
And things to do at home.
So...there wasn't really a lot of "rest."
But at least there was no running or biking or other strenuous physical activity.
My weary bones couldn't take it today.

Saturday is our long run day.
Since we are just amping up for marathon training again, the plan called for a long run of 6 miles.
Totally doable on the average Saturday morning.
Except that this was NOT the average Saturday morning...
It was brought to you by the letter H.
H for HEAT!
H for HARD!

There was a 10K race taking place on the nearby greenway where we frequently run, and now ride.
What better idea than to participate in that and call it a training run...with course support!
Plus...there were King of Pops popsicles at the finish line.

Yes...we do it Every. Single. Race...and I will continue to share them...just because it has become our "thing" now...and once you have a "thing" associated with a can't change it!  Nothing new on race day!  That includes skipping the pre-race selfie!

We are very familiar with this course, so I was looking forward to a relaxed run.  But the heat and humidity made this a very hard run.  The race started at 9:00, which in June, was probably at least an hour later than I would have liked.  There were some awesome volunteers stationed along the course, so encouraging and friendly, and I appreciated it so much, especially on the second loop when I was having to walk...a LOT.  And I was equally thankful for the mostly very shaded course.  (Have I mentioned that it was HOT?!?)  Overall, I did not run a good race and clocked my slowest 10K time ever.  (I think I achieved the SLOW part of the Long Slow Run quit effectively though!) I wish I had frozen my water bottle, but am glad I at least had it with me!  I should have had some kind of fuel, because the sun and the long time I was out there really got to me.

And talk about a let down!  I was sooooo looking forward to a cold popsicle after I crossed the finish line...and all they had left was banana caramel and sea salt chocolate.  Now on a regular day, I might enjoy the chocolate one, but not after that hard run.  I was hoping for something fruity and more refreshing than chocolate.  Like I said...what a let down!

Ten year age groups...fifth out of six in my age group.
If they had done 5 year age groups...I would have been first out of two!

Late Saturday afternoon, we loaded up my van...
(Which I have been affectionately referring to as "The Beast" ever since we got it but am now calling the Bicycle Transport Vehicle)

...and went for a family bike ride.
Those three lasted almost four miles before deciding they had had enough.  (I think they have differing ideas of what makes a bike ride enjoyable.)  Brian and I might have enjoyed a longer ride, but it was getting late and we needed to head home. 

Sunday morning, I participated in the Ramblin' Rose 5K.  
This was the first time they had a 5K associated with their triathlon and I was super curious about the triathlon.  We figured what better way to find out more than for me to participate in the 5K.

This pre-race selfie is a little off...something is missing! (It was really weird to be at the starting line by myself.)  Gosh, I look tired.  I guess getting up at 5:15 will do that to a Momma!

It was a very hilly course, as is most anything around here, and it took some work to power through those hills, but I did it.  Finished 25th overall.  Not bad, even for the small race that it was.

Watching the women in the triathlon was really cool.  This particular event is for women and it was very low key and relaxed.  It was fun to watch the transition area between swimming and biking.  I didn't get to see the transition from biking to running because I had to get home to carry on with the rest of the day which involved church and choir school and a church picnic and driving Momma's taxi.  Brian also did his fair share of taxi driving and running around.

But we still managed to get on our bikes, just the two of us, and ride for 45 minutes.  I am glad we have found a cross-training activity that we are enjoying.  Even though it is work, there is a freeing feeling that comes with least for me.

And that brings us to today.
This week calls for a total of 13 miles plus 90 minutes of cross-training (read biking) and a rest day over the next six days.  Can't wait to tackle it all!

And only three days left in the school year!  Woohoo!  We've almost made it!

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