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Tuesday, July 5, 2016


I grew up swimming.

We had a pool in our backyard for almost for ever.
Pool #1 on Lake Elbert
Pool #2 on Lowell Road
Pool #3 in Auburndale

Most of my friends had pools in their backyards too.

Summers were for pool hopping.
(And bike riding around and around and around our neighborhoods...
but that's a different post for a different day.)

Swimming lessons were a given, and I was a pretty good swimmer.
Races back and forth across the pool...
Endless games of "Marco Polo"...
Swim "shows"...
Made up games...
Raft races...
Swimming piggy back rides...
How could one NOT be a good swimmer?
I even had some kind of personal rescue certification at one point from camp.

And then...
I went to college.
Beyond a water exercise class I took for a PE credit, I didn't swim much any more.

And then...
I became an "adult."
I hated putting on a bathing suit.
And when I did, "swimming" meant hanging out by the pool, hoping not to get sunburned...
Not actually moving through the water with any purpose.
And when I was in the water, certainly not moving with any "real" swim stroke.
I still did an occasional water exercise class at the Y.

And then...
Even that stopped.

And then...
At age 33 1/2, I became Momma to my sweet baby (now teen aged) girl.
And swimming changed again.
Swimming meant bouncing around in the pool with a splashing, squealing toddler.
Or pushing her around in her yellow floaty boat.
After she learned to swim on her own, swimming meant standing a few feet from the wall with my arms outstretched to scoop her up after "swim to Momma," before turning her around to swim back to the wall.

And then...
She was older,
a better swimmer,
and had friends at the pool.
My place was sitting on the side of the pool,
feet dangling in the water,
But not swimming.

Over the years,
My brain remembered how to swim.
But my body has forgotten.

Over the years,
I have developed a deep dislike for getting my face wet
(even in the shower).

Over the years,
I have developed a "fear" of swimming in any kind of open water.

And now...
We joined the aquatic center a few weeks ago.
"It's good cross training for running," we said.
My first swim...
I kept my head up the entire time I was "swimming" a way that Gloria says made me look like a frog.

So I bought some goggles.
And I went swimming again.
And I STILL kept my head above the water.
And I STILL looked like a frog.

And then...
I screwed up my courage and forced myself to put my face in the water...
And promptly closed my eyes...WITH MY GOGGLES ON!
It took several tries to actually keep my eyes open while putting my face in the water.

And then...
I resorted to holding my nose.
Did you know that it's kinda hard to swim and hold your nose at the same time?

So now, I want a nose holder thingamabob.

Or maybe some swimming lessons.

Or maybe both.

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